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Fees Schedule, March 2014

Onsite Visits

My base hourly rate is £60 per hour. This is calculated from my time of arrival to time of departure in 1/4 hour intervals.

To account for travel time and expenses, I apply a flat rate callout charge of £25 to all jobs of less than four hours in duration.

This applies to any visits to your home or business premises within London Transport zones 1 to 4.

Visits made within zones 5 and 6 and outside London are subject to negotiation.Tell me where you are and I will quote a callout rate which is fair to both of us. I take into account convenience and ease of travel as well as distance.

Some examples:

The fees for my time are calculated to the next 1/4 hour.

Payment for all sessions is due at the completion of the visit. I will issue a receipt via a PDF document attached to email at the time. Payment may be paid with cash, a cheque, bank transfer or via Paypal should you prefer to use a credit card to settle your bill.

Should it not be possible to settle accounts at the time of job completion, a 10% billing charge is applicable.

Telephone & Email Support

Phone calls, emails or texts to arrange onsite visits are, of course, always free.

If you are seeking specific help or advice over the phone or via email or text, my fees work as follows:

Casual Telephone Rate (this is when you call me up and say "I have a problem, it’s urgent and I need help now".

First 10 minutes (or part thereof) is £20.00

Additional minutes are charged at £1.00 per minute.

This is on a 'per incident' basis. For example, if you pay £20 for 10 minutes and 3 minutes are left unused, that time cannot be carried across to the next call.

I will need your name, email address, street address at the start of the call; a good way to handle this is to text or email me those details (assuming this is our first contact). You can pay me via Paypal or bank transfer at the completion of the call.

Casual Email/Text Rate. Emails can take some time to compose, particularly if some graphic content or screenshots are included (a picture tells a thousand words) or research is necessary. Generally, I use the rule of a pound a minute for this kind of work. I can give an estimate in advance. If I am answering a simple (or relatively simple) question, expect a charge of ten pounds. A comprehensive reply which may include links, graphic content and research, could cost £50 or a £100.

Prepaid Rates

Regular clients may wish to purchase a prepaid support package.

This is the most economic way to buy my offsite and onsite services and may be paid either via bank transfer or Paypal. Unused balances remain on account for one year. I send out a statement once a month so you always know how much credit you have available.

Twenty Pounds prepaid buys 20 minutes of telephone and/or email support; please note that on the Casual Rate where I bill after completion of the call, this would cost an extra £10.

Fifty Pounds paid in advance buys one hour of Telephone and/or Email Support.

One Hundred Pounds paid in advance buys two hours of Telephone and Email Support. Best plan for one business user working at home.


I am below the threshold, not required to register and thus do not apply VAT to invoices.